septiembre 23, 2015

Couchsurfing is a website that provides hospitality/accommodations and the possibility to expand your social network around the world. The website provides the opportunity to travelers of staying in a "couch" at a host's home.

The first step is to create your profile. You should give some personal information that describe yourself and facts about your life as favorite things or hobbies, places you have visited, etc.After you create your profile there are three different options you can pick for your status: you can be a host, you can be a guest or select "meet people" which means that you just want to meet people who arrive in your country.

People can send message through a personal inbox in the platform in order to contact a host that offers a place. Another option is to send a message looking for someone available with free time to show you the city or just hang out in the city. Right now I do not have the facility to host nobody at my place so I am available in couchsurfing for meet people.

A weeks ago some guy from Germany contacted me. He said that he was going to stay in Panama for a month and he wanted to walk around the city, meet people and make some friends. I will not lie, in the beginning I was scared to meet a guy who I have never seen, no idea what he was looking for or what were his real intentions. The good thing is that the more you use couchsurfing the better reputation or recommendations you will get, so I enter in his profile and I read some good comments that people wrote about him, I felt safe at that moment and I said yes, let´s meet.

We met in Rana Dorada at Via Argentina, we had a few drinks, some food and the talked for two hours about everything. One of the benefits couchsurfing has is that you can practice different languages and learn many kind of things from different cultures with the people you are hosting or with the people you are spending time with.

I will call this activity a kind of multicultural exchange that is a win win for both sides. You can save a lot of money by staying in a couch for some nights or if you have an emergency like you lost your flight or there is bad weather. You would need to spend one more night or if you do not have enough money for a hotel or a place to stay, couchsurfing could be a solution.

There is also an application you can download from App store or Play store in order to use it in your smart phones

This is my Friend Ingo, he is from Germany, he was teaching some softwares things for a month in Panama. We had a funny time knowing each other at the Rana Dorada bar. He is developing an application for learn different languages. He decided to change his life and become an entrepeneur: He wrote down his idea, He made a first prototype, He showed it to 100 people, He found a co-founder, They made up a real prototype, They registered the company... They even have a great first product now. So please spread the word about My friend´s application.

Un paso a la vez
Un paso a la vez

Mujer Panameña, viajera empedernida, amante del buen comer.


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